Anticipate the Best!

Anticipate the Best!


Interior Detailing

We know how important keeping your vehicle looking fine is to you! When we tackle your interior no stone is left unturned and no surface is left untouched. Every area is scrubbed, cleaned and protected by the end of our process. Deep stains and hard set residue are no obstacle to us. Whether it’s leather, vinyl or traditional cloth: we’ve got you covered.  

Our process is fairly straightforward but allows us to specialize what’s needed for each type of vehicle: we vacuum and blow out each and every crevice inside of your vehicle. Then we scrub and spray down all surfaces with the appropriate cleaner and work it in thoroughly. Once cleansed, all surfaces are covered with the applicable protectant for the right material to guard your surfaces for weeks to come. 

Let’s go into a little bit of detail of how each process goes:

– We vacuum the entire interior of the car. These include vacuuming the cargo area, trunk, shelf, headliners, and car seats. Some areas may be difficult to clean which is why an air compressor is used for these areas instead.

Brushing and Cleaning:
– Carpets and mats are cleaned using this method. They need to be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned in order to remove any stains or dirt.

Glass Cleaning
– A glass cleaner is recommended to properly clean the interior glass of your car to make sure that the view isn’t clouded which may hinder the driver from being able to drive properly. 

Leather Clean and Conditioning
– There are three different cleaning materials used for cleaning leather including saddle soap, leather soap, and leather cleaner. A damp cloth is used to remove excess soap from the leather while a custom conditioner is used for leather that should remain dry.

Wiping and Re-Vacuuming
– Re-vacuuming is an important step to ensure that all leftover dirt that wasn’t removed during the first vacuming process is removed. The car windows and dashboards are cleaned using cloth and detergent which should restore the car’s original shine. 

– The final step to interior detailing is leaving it with a good scent.

Exterior Detailing

Everyone knows that a clean vehicle drives better! A detail isn’t a wash, it’s much more than that and we aim to prove it each time we take care of your vehicle. When it comes to cleaning the exterior no panel is left untouched as we strive to bring the best quality of your vehicle back to the factory standards. When we work on a vehicle we start with a “ground up” mentality and remove all surface dirt, grime and road film through the initial wash, then follow up with a hand wash to scrub the surface of all remaining filth. This process is meticulous and naturally forces us to hit each panel of the vehicle so no surface is left untouched. Once we’ve cleansed and wiped down the entire surface we apply a layer of ceramic protection that adds gloss and water beading for your ride, making it shine!

Exterior car detailing is a meticulous process that rejuvenates a vehicle’s appearance. It includes:

Washing and Drying:
– Hand washing all exterior surfaces.
– Using microfiber towels for a scratch-free finish.

Paint Decontaminating:

– Apply an iron remover panel by panel, meticulously working in with a fine clay towel. Removes all traces of particulates and industrial fallout.
– Leaving the paint smooth and ready for further treatment.

– Removing fine scratches and restoring gloss.
– Can be done by hand or with a machine polisher.

Applying ceramic sealant or wax for protection.
– Enhancing the paint’s shine and providing long-lasting defense.

Additional steps may involve treating trim, chrome, tires, and wheels. Exterior detailing not only improves aesthetics but also safeguards the vehicle’s exterior against environmental damage.

By combining these steps, exterior car detailing not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle but also provides protection against the elements, preserving the integrity of the paint and other exterior surfaces over time. Professional detailers may tailor their services based on the specific needs and condition of the vehicle.

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Interior Car Cleaning

Interior car detailing requires meticulous efforts on various materials like vinyl, plastic, natural fiber and leather. Standard steps include vacuuming and blowing out each crevice, cleaning and conditioning all surfaces, glass decontamination and cleaning, then protecting all surfaces.

Small/Standard Vehicle: $175 

Coupe/Sedan: $200 

Truck/Large SUV: $250

Exterior Car Cleaning

Exterior car detailing is a comprehensive cleaning process for the vehicle’s outer components and panels, enhancing its appearance and restoring it to its original look. The steps include washing, drying, decontamination of the paint and sealing with ceramic gloss and protection.


Small/Standard Vehicle: $150 

Coupe/Sedan: $175 

Truck/Large SUV: $200

The Full Package (Interior + Exterior)

With our full package no stone is left unturned and no surface is left untouched. We meticulously hit each and every area of the vehicle inside and out. Each section of your vehicle internally and externally is given the same treatment of vacuuming, cleaning, conditioning and sealing with protectant throughout.

Full Service (Full Package) 

Small/Standard Vehicle: $300 

Coupe/Sedan: $350 

Truck/Large SUV: $400

Maintenance Clients (V.I.P. Package)

Outside of your house, the second largest investment in a person’s life is their vehicle. For those car buffs out there; it’s the largest and only investment that matters. We also understand that life has a way of stepping between you and your investments and the ability to keep your vehicle staying fresh and new. Let us help you keep it that way with our V.I.P. packages! Whether you want weekly, bi weekly or monthly treatment for your vehicles we would be honored if you chose Orange Sky to help keep them looking beautiful and fresh! Contact us for a quote today and we’d love nothing more than to bring the shine and luster back to your vehicle. All V.I.P. services hit the entire vehicle, inside and out, and finish with a protective step beyond what our traditional services include; helping keep your vehicle in peak condition for those daily rides or your weekend activities!

Maintenance Clients (V.I.P. Package) 

Small/Standard Vehicle: $125 

Coupe/Sedan: $140 

Truck/Large SUV: $175

Engine Bay Cleaning

No matter the make, the model or year; your engine is a fine tuned piece of machinery designed to keep your beast running. Whether it’s a daily driver or a weekend showpiece the engine is the heart of your ride. When we clean your engine we decontaminate and cleanse every surface, while protecting the vital components to keep the engine humming. When we hit an engine we scrub down each and every component of the engine to ensure it’s efficient running! Often neglected, but never forgotten; if you are interested in maintaining your engine, reach out to us today and we’d love to add an engine cleanse to your job today!

Engine Bay 

$100 standard.

Headlight Restoration

Do you have dirty, yellow or dingy looking headlights that affect your projection on the road? Look no further than our headlight restoration packages! At Orange Sky we don’t simply rub a compound on the light and buff it out: no! To properly repair headlights you need to sand down and peel back the layers of degradation and hazing, then fill in the plastic and buff out to a clear sheene. In Arizona, we deal with high heat and sun exposure on a daily basis. Putting on compounds will work, but only temporarily. The true process to clearing up headlights is sanding down the glass and cleaning the casing, then polishing out the plastic. If you’re curious what a headlight restoration can do for you don’t hesitate to contact us now for a quote, we are standing by to help and show you the right way to renew your headlights!

Headlight Restore 

$90 standard. 

Pet Hair Removal

Excessive Pet Hair 

We at Orange Sky love all forms of pets! Your furry little companions are more than a friend; they’re members of the family, and deserve a seat in your ride just like you do. As members of your family we understand they can be just as messy as the rest of us. However, it does add more time to our clean up and we will do our very best to remove all hair that’s been worked into your fabrics. Have no fear of pet hair: let your fuzzy family ride with you in style, we’ll clean up after them! 

$75 standard.

Leather Clean & Condition

Maintaining the impeccable condition of your vehicle’s leather interior involves a meticulous process of cleaning and conditioning. Begin by preparing the surface through thorough vacuuming, ensuring the removal of loose dirt and debris. We use high-quality, pH-balanced leather cleaner tailored to your specific leather type.

Leather Clean & Condition 

Small/Standard Vehicle: $65 

Coupe/Sedan: $75 

Truck/Large SUV: $90

Full Clay Treatment

If your preferred method of paint decontamination is via a clay bar, we’ve got you covered! Although not our primary way to remove particulates, we’ll still treat each and every exterior panel to the full clay treatment. We’ll remove all embedded contaminates, particulates, industrial fallout and leave your paint smooth for further protection. Ask your technician today if you’d prefer a clay bar over our standard decontamination process!

Full Clay Treatment 

Small/Standard Vehicle: $80 

Coupe/Sedan: $100 

Truck/Large SUV: $125

Iron Removal

Don’t let iron build up destroy your paint with heavy oxidation! If you leave rust and oxidation build up over time it WILL destroy your clear coat and base paint on any vehicle and wear down to the base layer. In Arizona we deal with enough environmental wear & tear as it is with sun and environmental degradation, the iron left on your clear coat and paint will eat through all layers of protection regardless of how clean you keep your vehicle.When we decontaminate your vehicle we remove all bonded iron particles from the paint and wash off properly. If you’re curious on what an iron removal and iron decontamination can do for you, reach out to us today for a quote!

Iron Removal 

Small/Standard Vehicle: $50 

Coupe/Sedan: $65 

Truck/Large SUV: $80

Trim Restoration

When it comes to the southwestern desert we all know what sun exposure and heat can do to a vehicle’s exterior. The plastics (edging, trim and even window edging) will be word down with direct sunlight. Our plastic restoration will bond to all surfaces and bring back the original luster of all exterior plastics to before the sun has eaten away at its top layers. Contact us today to add a plastic restoration to any service we provide!

Trim Restore 

$30 standard.

Ceramic Coatings

If you’re looking for the ultimate in protection and durability for your car’s exterior; your search is over! We utilize the top-of-the-line in professional grade coatings that offer paint protection and longevity for your vehicle. Once bonded to the paint your vehicle will have unrivaled protection with added hydrophobic properties to help with maintenance on your vehicle. Nothing lasts forever; but we offer ceramic and graphene solutions that range from 3, 5, or even 8 years of  protection. Contact us today if you’re interested in adding a ceramic or graphene coating to your vehicle and we’d love nothing more than to help protect your investment!    

We leave nothing to chance, so if you trust in us to clean your whip we will make sure none are taken and everything is taken care of. Contact us today to schedule a service!