Just had my car detailed by Orange Sky and wow, what a difference! They were super thorough, even getting those hard-to-reach spots. My car hasn’t looked this good since I bought it!

Juanita Moran

Residential Review

I tried Orange Sky for the first time and I’m really impressed. They came right to my house and did an amazing job on my old pickup – it’s literally sparkling. Definitely recommend them!

Saif Guerra

Residential Review

We’ve been using Orange Sky for our company vans and the results are consistently excellent. They’re quick, reliable, and the attention to detail is top-notch. Our fleet has never looked better.

Kason Espinosa

Commercial Review

At Orange Sky Mobile Auto Detailing we take pride in providing an extensive array of mobile car detailing services that will restore your car to its optimal appearance both inside and out.


At Orange Sky Detailing, we understand that car detailing and car washing are often mistaken for the same thing. However, we want to emphasize that detailing goes beyond a simple wash. With our experienced detailers, we provide a meticulous handwashing that leaves your vehicle looking squeaky clean both inside and out. Our detailing services are divided into two categories: interior and exterior detailing. Whether you need a thorough cleaning of your car’s interior or a meticulous attention to detail for its exterior, our team is here to meet your needs. Trust Orange Sky Detailing for a truly exceptional car detailing experience.

Interior Clean

Interior car detailing requires meticulous efforts on various materials like vinyl, plastic, natural fiber and leather. Standard steps include vacuuming and blowing out each crevice, cleaning and conditioning all surfaces, glass decontamination and cleaning, then protecting all surfaces.

Learn more about our interior cleaning process:

1. Vacuum thoroughly, including hard-to-reach spots. 

2. Blow out all crevices with pressurized air. 

3. Clean and condition all surfaces.

4. Decontaminate and clean all glass.

5. Guard all surfaces with UV and fabric barriers.

6. Add a pleasant scent to finish.

Exterior Clean

Exterior car detailing is a comprehensive cleaning process for the vehicle’s outer components and panels, enhancing its appearance and restoring it to its original look. The steps include washing, drying, decontamination of the paint and sealing with ceramic gloss and protection.

Learn more about our exterior cleaning process:

1. Washing: Meticulous hand washing with high powered foam treatment.

2. Decontaminating: Iron remover and decontamination to remove impurities and chemical build up on the surface of paint.

3. Drying: Hand drying of all panels and crevices of complete exterior.

4. Sealing: Applying a durable ceramic sealant for a glossy shine and paint protection. 

The Full Package

With our full package no stone is left unturned and no surface is left untouched. We meticulously hit each and every area of the vehicle inside and out. Each section of your vehicle internally and externally is given the same treatment of vacuuming, cleaning, conditioning and sealing with protectant throughout.

Learn more about the full package

Experience the best of both worlds with our full-service car cleaning. Enjoy a meticulously cleaned exterior featuring a thorough foam treatment, hand wash, and ceramic sealant for ultimate paint protection. Inside, indulge in vacuuming, cleaning, conditioning, and UV/fabric protection throughout the entire interior. Elevate your driving experience with our comprehensive Full Package today!

**Starting at Price Disclaimer:**

Orange Sky mobile car detailing service offers a starting price as a baseline estimate. Actual costs may vary depending on vehicle size, condition, and specific service requests. For accurate pricing, please request a free personalized quote tailored to your needs. Additional services and location-related fees may apply. We are committed to delivering quality service and transparency in pricing.


Experience the convenience of Orange Sky Detailing, the premier on-site mobile auto detailing service in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in providing environmentally friendly solutions for all your car care needs. With Orange Sky Detailing, say goodbye to long waits at distant auto detailing centers and hello to a sparking clean car without leaving your office building. Discover the extraordinary difference today and book your appointment now!


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